Skydiving Ride


It is an agreeable, amusement, thrill, adventurous activity. It gives you wings to feel light weight, free flying and explore the sky little closer. Those who want to experience this exciting spot Manali is the perfect place for them. In Manali you find Paragliding at Salong Valley, Fatru Mountain, Bir-Billing, Rohtang Pass and other. Manali beautiful Hills, Valleys, Waterfallsgive you the unforgettable experience.
• When To GO- Paragliding is a fun, adventurous sport, but bad weather will spoil your day. In summers Humidity is very High, Monsoon is the worst time because Manali receives the heavy       rainfalls. Winters are the best time for Paragliding.
• Take proper guidance- This is very essential. Before going for paragliding you should take a proper training. Keep your instructor advice in your mind.
• Safety Check- Before you final go properly check your equipment, safety harness, dress and other things.
• Price & Time taken- The price of Paragliding is 2,250 per person. Duration is 15 minutes ride.
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